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Dana Exec Says Co Remains Cautious On Outlook Due To Semiconductor Shortage, Which Is Impacting Many Major OEMs Around The World - Conf Call

Published: 04/28/2021 14:17 GMT
Dana Inc (DAN) - Dana Exec Says Co Remains Cautious on Outlook Due to Industry Challenges Including Shortage of Semiconductors, Which is Impacting Many Major Oems Around the World - Conf Call.
Dana Exec Says Heavy Vehicle Market Continues to Be Strong, Particularly in North America.
Dana Exec Says Sea Container Shortage Has Impacted Global Supply Chains Resulting in Shipping Delays, Bottlenecks at Port Facilities and Inflated Freight Prices.
Dana Exec Says Hotspots Like Brazil and India Are Putting Added Pressure on an Already Challenged Supply Chain.
Dana Exec Says in Q1 Heavy Vehicle Demand Accelerated and Light Vehicle Demand Was Negligibly Impacted by the Chip Shortage.
Dana Exec Says Co Expects Higher Costs to Continue Into Q2, But Moderate in the Second Half of the Year.
Dana Exec Says in Q2 Co Sees a Bit of a Headwind on the Light Vehicle Side Due to the Chip Shortage.
Dana Exec Says Co Has Seen a Rapid Rise in Steel and Other Raw Material Costs.
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