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Digitalbridge Announces Recapitalization Of Databank

Published: 06/16/2022 21:14 GMT
DigitalBridge Group Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A (DBRG) - Digitalbridge Announces Recapitalization of Databank.
Digitalbridge Group Inc - Swiss Life-led Consortium to Acquire 27% Equity Interest in Databank.
Digitalbridge Group Inc - Slam and Edf Will Acquire 27% of Fully Diluted Equity Interests in Databank for Approximately $1.2 Billion in Cash.
Digitalbridge Group Inc - Upon Completion of This Initial Phase of Recapitalization, Co's Ownership Interests in Databank Will Be Reduced to 15.5%.
Digitalbridge Group Inc - Digitalbridge Will Receive Cash Proceeds of $230 Million From Deal.