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IronNet Cybersecurity To Be Listed On NYSE Through A Merger With LGL Systems Acquisition Corp

Published: 03/15/2021 11:44 GMT
(DFNS) - Ironnet Cybersecurity, the Leader in Collective Defense and Network Detection and Response (ndr), to Be Listed on Nyse Through a Merger With Lgl Systems Acquisition Corp.
Ironnet Cybersecurity - Pro Forma Enterprise Value of Combined Co Following Merger Expected to Be $927 Million, Implying a $1.2 Billion Pro Forma Equity Value.
Ironnet Cybersecurity - Transaction Includes a $125 Million Fully-committed Common Stock Pipe at $10.00 per Share.
Ironnet Cybersecurity - Pipe Transaction Includes Participation From Emles Advisors, Weiss Asset Management, and Phoenix Insurance Company.
Ironnet Cybersecurity - Upon Deal Close, Combined Co to Be Renamed "ironnet Cybersecurity, Inc." & Will Be Listed on Nyse & Trade Under Ticker "irnt".
Ironnet Cybersecurity - Co's Existing Stockholders Will Hold About 72% of Fully Diluted Shares of Common Stock in Combined Co After Deal Closing.
Ironnet Cybersecurity - Investors Bridgewater Associates, Forgepoint Capital, & Kleiner Perkins to Be Joined by Lgl Sponsor Group to Invest in Pipe.