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Dynavax Provides Update On Its Covid-19 Collaboration With Valneva

Published: 09/13/2021 06:52 GMT
Dynavax Technologies Corp. (DVAX) - Dynavax Provides Update on Its Covid-19 Collaboration With Valneva.
Dynavax -reiterates Its Cpg 1018 Supply Contracts Continue to Represent an Approximately $300 - $400 Million Dollars Aggregate Revenue Opportunity in 2021.
Valneva Has Indicated That It Believes Initial Approval for Vla2001 Could Be Granted in Late 2021.
Dynavax- Under Existing Supply Agreement for Cpg 1018,purchase Orders Submitted by Valneva Are Cancellable If Uk Government Reduces Or Terminates Its Order.
Under Agreement, Valneva Would Not Be Obligated to Pay Dynavax Final Portion of an Outstanding Purchase Order.
Valneva Has Not Yet Cancelled Any Outstanding Purchase Orders for Cpg 1018.
Dynavax- Co Has Right to Retain Any Portion of Purchase Price for Cpg 1018 Made in Advance by Valneva As Well As Any Cpg 1018 Manufactured But Not Yet Delivered.
Intends to Continue to Monitor Situation But Can Make No Assurances Regarding Outstanding Orders.
Dynavax - If Valneva's Existing Purchase Orders Are Cancelled, Co Will Work to Reallocate Cpg 1018 Inventory to Its Other Covid-19 Collaborators.