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Edesa Biotech Inc Entered Into An Exclusive License Agreement With Saul Yedgar

Published: 03/22/2021 12:11 GMT
Edesa Biotech Inc (EDSA) - Edesa Biotech Inc - on March 16, Through Unit, Co Entered Into an Exclusive License Agreement With Saul Yedgar.
Edesa Biotech Inc - Unit Obtained Additional Global Rights to a Pharmaceutical Product That Forms Basis of Edesa's Eb01 and Eb02 Drug Candidates.
Edesa - Due to Deal Entered With Licensor, Unit Holds Exclusive Global Rights to the Pharmaceutical Product for All Fields of Use in Humans, Animals.
Edesa Biotech Inc - Unit is Is Committed to Payments of Various Amounts to Licensor Upon Meeting Certain Milestones, Up to About $69.2 Million.