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Enlivex Announces Regulatory Clearance In Multiple Countries For Integration Of Frozen Allocetra Formulation And Expansion Of Patient Population In Its Sepsis Phase II Clinical Trial

Published: 08/24/2022 12:13 GMT
Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd (ENLV) - Enlivex Announces Regulatory Clearance in Multiple Countries for Integration of Frozen Allocetra Formulation and Expansion of Patient Population in Its Sepsis Phase Ii Clinical Trial.
Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd - Sepsis Phase Ii Protocol Amendments Have Been Cleared by Regulatory Authorities in Israel, Spain, and Greece.
Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd - Plans to Obtain Clearances for Protocol Amendments in Additional Jurisdictions.
Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd - Shelf Life of Frozen Allocetra™ Formulation is Expected to Be Vastly Superior to That of Its Liquid Formulation.
Enlivex - Expects Broad Acceptance of Proposed Amendments Will Shorten Timeline for Potential Regulatory Approval of Frozen Allocetra Formulation.
Enlivex - Frozen Formulation of Allocetra Expected to Have a Shelf-life Spanning Multiple Years, Versus Shelf Life of 96 Hours for Liquid Formulation.
Enlivex - Extended Shelf Life Expected to Dramatically Improve Manufacturing Scalability and Shipping Logistics While Reducing Production Costs.