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Eyegate Pharma Announces Transformative Acquisition Of Panoptes Pharma

Published: 12/21/2020 12:02 GMT
Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc (EYEG) - Eyegate Pharma Announces Transformative Acquisition of Panoptes Pharma.
Eyegate Pharmaceuticals - Under Terms of Agreement, Panoptes Will Become a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Eyegate.
Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc - Consideration is $4 Million at Close Consisting of Common Stock, Preferred Stock and Cash.
Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc - Additionally, $1.5 Million in Consideration is Held Back, Will Be Issued in Preferred Stock After a Period of 18 Months.
Eyegate Pharmaceuticals - Deal Also Includes Two Cash Or Share Earn-out Provisions, Each Calling for an Additional Payment of Up to $4.8 Million.