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Auto Services Group Announces Merger Agreement With Goldenbridge Acquisition To Become Publicly Traded Company On Nasdaq

Published: 05/26/2022 13:39 GMT
Goldenbridge Acquisition Ltd (GBRG) - Auto Services Group Limited, a Leading Provider of Digitalized Auto Services and Auto Insurance in China, Announces Merger Agreement With Goldenbridge Acquisition Limited to Become a Publicly Traded Company on Nasdaq.
Goldenbridge - Proposed Transactions Value Combined Company at an Estimated Enterprise Value on a Pro-forma Basis of Approximately Us$858 Million.
Goldenbridge Acquisition Ltd - Upon Closing of Transactions, Combined Company is Expected to Be Nasdaq-listed.
Goldenbridge Acquisition Ltd - Goldenbridge Will Reincorporate to Cayman Islands by Merging With Suncar Technology Group Inc.goldenbridge Acquisition- Upon Effectiveness Oftransactions, Suncar's Shareholders Expect to Receive 80 Million Ordinary Shares of Suncar Technology Group.
Goldenbridge Acquisition Ltd - Current Management Team of Suncar Will Continue to Run Company After Transaction.
Goldenbridge Acquisition - Suncar Technology Global Inc to Be Merged With and Into Suncar, Resulting in Suncar Becoming Unit of Suncar Technology Group.