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Gannett Announces Further Real Estate Sales And Debt Repayment

Published: 12/17/2020 12:01 GMT
Gannett Co Inc. (GCI) - Gannett Announces Further Real Estate Sales and Debt Repayment.
Gannett Co Inc - From Beginning of Q4 Through End of This Week, Co Will Have Repaid Approximately $647 Million of Its 11.5% Term Loan.
Gannett Co Inc - Outstanding Balance of 11.5% Term Loan is $1.082 Billion.
Gannett Co Inc - Revenue Trends Have Continued to Improve.
Gannett Co Inc - Real Estate Sales Pipeline and Amortization Payments Are Expected to Further Reduce Debt by Approximately $100 Million by Early 2021.
Gannett Co - Accounting for Recent Real Estate Sales, Total Debt Outstanding is $1.582 Billion.