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GE CEO Says Aviation An Important ‘Swing Factor’ For Co's 2021 Cash Outlook - Conf Call

Published: 04/27/2021 13:28 GMT
General Electric Co. (GE) - GE CEO Says Services May Fluctuate Quarter-on-quarter Due to Pandemic, But Expect Growth in the Year - Conf Call.
GE CFO Says Don't Expect Any Funding Requirement for Ge's Pension Plan by the End of Decade - Conf Call.
GE CFO Says Expect U.S. Onshore Wind Market to Slightly Decrease This Year - Conf Call.
GE CFO Says, in Offshore Wind, the Strong Market Trends Are Expected to Continue Through the Decade.
GE CFO Says Expect to Deliver on 2021 Outlook in the Aviation Unit As Demand Recovers in the Second Half; Regional Pressures Continue in Europe and Asia.
GE CEO Says Aviation Would Be an Important ‘swing Factor’ for GE to Hit Its 2021 Free Cash Flow Outlook.
GE CEO Says "we'll Continue to Explore Strategic Options in and Around Insurance".
GE CEO Says Expectations is That There Will Snap Back in Aircraft Shop Visits in H2, 2021, But Markets Like India, Rest of Asia Pac, Parts of Europe, That Are of Concern, Need to Stabilize Before They Improve.
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