General Electric Co.

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Debt Financing / Related, Other Pre-Announcement

GE Announces Early Participation Results, Upsizing, And The Amounts Accepted In Its Debt Tender Offers

Published: 11/26/2021 13:27 GMT
General Electric Co. (GE) - GE Announces Early Participation Results, Upsizing, and the Amounts Accepted in Its Debt Tender Offers: Expects to Repurchase Approximately $25 Billion in Aggregate Principal Amount.
GE - Now Expects to Achieve More Than $80 Billion in Gross Debt Reduction Between End of 2018 and End of 2021.
GE - on Track to Achieve Deleveraging Targets and Deliver High-single-digit Free Cash Flow Margins in Today's Portfolio of Businesses in 2023.
GE - Amends Tender Offers to Increase Pool Two Maximum Amount and Pool Three Maximum Amount for Each Applicable Tender Offer.