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The GEO Group Receives Required Consents For Transactions To Address Its Debt Maturities And Strengthen Its Capital Structure

Published: 08/17/2022 10:24 GMT
Geo Group, Inc. (GEO) - The Geo Group Receives Required Consents for Transactions to Address Its Debt Maturities and Strengthen Its Capital Structure.
Geo Group - Following Closing, Geo Will Have About $200 Million in Domestic Unrestricted Cash and Cash Equivalents and Total Liquidity of About $375 Million.
Geo Group Inc - Expects to Be Able to Fully Repay Outstanding Debt Amounts That Will Be Due in 2023 and 2024, After Giving Effect to Transactions.
Geo Group - Assuming Consistent Performance Across Units, Over Next 2 Years, Expects to Be Able to Reduce Net Recourse Debt by $200-250 Million Annually.
Geo Group Inc - Transactions Will Stagger Maturities of Geo's Outstanding Debt Further Into Future.