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Globis Acquisition Enters Into A Definitive Business Combination Agreement With Forafric

Published: 12/20/2021 11:37 GMT
Globis Acquisition Corp (GLAQ) - Globis Acquisition - Forafric Enters Into a Definitive Business Combination Agreement With Co.
Globis Acquisition Corp - Pro Forma Enterprise Value of Combined Company is Approximately $300 Million.
Globis Acquisition Corp - Parties Intend That Globis Will Change Its Jurisdiction of Incorporation to Gibraltar, Be Renamed Forafric Global Plc.
Globis Acquisition Corp - Common Stock is Expected to Be Listed on the Nasdaq Under the Ticker Symbol ‘afri.
Globis Acquisition - Existing Globis Stockholders Who Don’t Exercise Their Redemption Rights Will Roll 100% of Their Equity Into Combined Co.