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Tiedemann Group, Alvarium Investments To List On Nasdaq Via Deal With Cartesian Growth Corporation

Published: 09/20/2021 11:32 GMT
Cartesian Growth Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A (GLBL) - Tiedemann Group and Alvarium Investments Announce Transaction to Form Alvarium Tiedemann Holdings and List on Nasdaq Via Business Combination With Cartesian Growth Corporation.
Cartesian Growth Corp - Combined Company is Expected to Have Post-transaction Equity Value of Approximately $1.4 Billion.
Cartesian Growth - Following Closing, Which is Anticipated in Q1 2022, Alvarium Tiedemann's Common Stock Will Become Publicly Traded on Nasdaq.
Cartesian - Investors, Strategic Partners From Tiedemann, Alvarium, Committed to Buy About $165 Million of Shares of Common Stock of Co in Pipe.
Cartesian Growth Corp - Cartesian Has $345 Million of Cash in Its Trust Account.