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Greenwich LifeSciences Announces Presentation of 5 Year Data for GP2 Phase IIb Clinical Trial, Revealing Potential For New T Cell Platform Technology

Published: 12/09/2021 11:37 GMT
Greenwich LifeSciences Inc (GLSI) - Greenwich Lifesciences Announces Presentation of 5 Year Data for Gp2 Phase Iib Clinical Trial, Revealing Potential for New T Cell Platform Technology.
Greenwich Lifesciences Inc - Dna Sequencing of Relevant Gp2 Specific T Cells at Baseline and During Gp2 Treatment Could Lead to Potential Car-t Cell Drug Candidates.
Greenwich Lifesciences Inc - Data Further Validates 0% Metastatic Breast Cancer Recurrence Mechanism.
Greenwich Lifesciences Inc - Reaffirms That Gp2 is a Natural Antigen That Should Be Target of Peptide and T Cell Based Platform Technologies.
Greenwich Lifesciences Inc - a Positive Baseline Immune Response to Gp2 in 22.8% of 145 Patients Suggests an Existing Immune Response to Gp2.
Greenwich Lifesciences Inc - It Was Observed That 22.8% Or 33 Patients of 145 Patients Reacted to Gp2 at Baseline With a Positive Immune Response.