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Gulfport Energy Corp Says Co, Units Finalized Settlement Agreement With TC Energy Approved By Bankruptcy Court For Southern District Of Texas On Sept 21

Published: 09/27/2021 10:33 GMT
Gulfport Energy Corp. - Ordinary Shares (New) (GPOR) - Gulfport Energy Corp - Co, Units Finalized Settlement Agreement With Tc Energy Approved by Bankruptcy Court for Southern District of Texas on Sept 21.
Gulfport Energy Corp - Co, Tc Energy Agreed That Firm Transportation Contracts Between Cos Would Be Rejected Without Any Further Payment, Obligation.
Gulfport Energy Corp - in Exchange, Gulfport Agreed to Make a Payment of $43.75 Million in Cash to Tc Energy.
Gulfport Energy Corp - Over Time, Will Receive Distributions on Account of Assigned Claims Pursuant to Co's Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.
Gulfport Energy Corp - Also Reached Agreement in Principle With Stingray Pressure Pumping Llc That Fully Resolves Longstanding Litigation.
Gulfport Energy Corp - Under Settlement, Stingray, Co Have Agreed to Drop All of Claims Brought Against Each Other in Delaware Court, Bankruptcy Court.