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GP Strategies Agrees To Merge With Learning Technologies Group

Published: 07/15/2021 15:56 GMT
GP Strategies Corp. (GPX) - Press Release - Gp Strategies Agrees to Merge With Learning Technologies Group, Creating One of the World's Largest Workforce Transformation Companies.
Gp Strategies Corp - Transaction Valued at Approximately $394 Million.
Gp Strategies Corp - Deal for $20.85 per Gp Strategies Share in Cash.
Gp Strategies Corp - All-cash Consideration Represents a Premium of About 32% for Gp Strategies Stockholders.
Gp Strategies Corp - Deal for Gp Strategies' Board of Directors Has Unanimously Approved Transaction.
Gp Strategies Corp - Upon Closing of Transaction, Gp Strategies Will Become a Division of Learning Technologies Group.
Gp Strategies Corp - Expects to Continue to Go to Market With Gp Strategies Brand and Portfolio of Offerings.