Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd

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Earnings Announcements

Grindrod Shipping Holdings Q3 Adj EPS of 1.44 USD

Published: 11/17/2022 06:14 GMT
Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd (GRIN) - Unaudited Interim Financial Results for the Ninemonths Ended September 30, 2022.
Q3 Gross Profit 38.5 Million Usd.
Q3 Adjusted Net Profit 27.3 Million Usd.
Q3 Earnings per Share 1.17 Usd.
Q3 Revenue 107.2 Million Usd.
Q3 Adjusted Earnings per Share 1.44 Usd.
Q3 Adjusted EBITDA 47.8 Million Usd.
Revenue is expected to be $94.66 Million
Adjusted EPS is expected to be $1.09

Next Quarter Revenue Guidance is expected to be $65.82 Million
Next Quarter EPS Guidance is expected to be $0.44

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