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Niocorp To Combine With Nasdaq-Listed GXII To Access Additional Capital For Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project

Published: 09/26/2022 12:31 GMT
GX Acquisition Corp II - Ordinary Shares - Class A (GXII) - Niocorp to Combine With Nasdaq-listed Gxii to Access Additional Capital for Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project.
Niocorp Developments Ltd - Niocorp Expects to Become Listed on Nasdaq Post-deal-close in Addition to Its Current Tsx Listing.
Niocorp Developments Ltd - Depending Upon Redemption Rates, Niocorp Could Receive Up to $285m in Net Cash Proceeds at Consummation of Transaction.
Niocorp Developments Ltd - Proposed Deal Values Combined Entity at an Estimated Enterprise Value of $313.5 Million.
Niocorp Developments Ltd - Nancings Contemplated by Lois Include $16 Million in Convertible Debentures That Are Expected to Be Funded at Closing.
Niocorp Developments - Announces Non-binding Loi With Yorkville Advisors Global Lp for 2 Financing Packages of Up to Additional $81 Million Over Next 3 Years.
Niocorp Developments Ltd - Gxii Will Merge With and Into a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Niocorp, With Gxii Surviving Merger As a Subsidiary of Niocorp.
Niocorp Developments Ltd - Business Combination Agreement Contemplates That Niocorp Will Undertake a Reverse Stock Split at Time of Close.
Niocorp Developments Ltd - Post-closing, Niocorp Board Will Include Two Directors From Gxii.
Niocorp Developments - Intends to Use Proceeds From Proposed Deal, Contemplated Financings to Advance Efforts to Launch Construction of Elk Creek Project.