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Hawaiian Holdings Expects Capacity For Q3 To Be Down About 87%

Published: 09/09/2020 10:44 GMT
Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (HA) - Hawaiian Holdings - Expects Capacity for Q3 of 2020 to Be Down About 87% Versus Same Period Last Year.
Hawaiian Holdings - Cash Burn During Months of July & August, Excluding Impact of Cares Act, New Financing & Net Sales, Was About $2.9 Million per Day.
Hawaiian Holdings - Assuming Sales, Refunds Net to Zero in Sept.
, Expects Cash Burn, Excluding Cares Act, New Financing, to Be About $3 Million/day for Q3.
Hawaiian Holdings - for Q3 Through August 31, Flown Passengers & Revenue Passenger Miles Were About 87% & 96% Below Last Year's Levels.
Hawaiian Holdings - Got Confirmation From U. S.
Treasury Department That Allocation of Cares Act Erp Loan Funds Increased From $364 Million to $420 Million.
Hawaiian Holdings - Co Has Until September 30, to Determine If It Will Draw Any Portion of Available Erp Loan Amount.