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Hess Midstream Lp Says Units Entered Into Amendments To Existing Commercial Agreements

Published: 12/23/2020 22:53 GMT
Hess Corporation (HES) - Hess Midstream Lp - Co's Units, Hess Corp Units, Entered Into Amendments to Existing Commercial Agreements.
Hess Midstream Lp - Amendment for Second Amended, Restated Gas Processing Agreement by & Between Hess Trading Corp & Hess Bakken Processing Llc.
Hess Midstream Lp-amendment for Second Amended & Restated Terminal Export Services Agreement By, Between Htc & Hess North Dakota Export Logistics Llc.
Hess Midstream Lp- Amendment for Second Amended and Restated Gas Gathering Agreement by and Between Htc and Hndpl.
Hess Midstream Lp- Each of the Amendments Will Be Effective on January 1, 2021.