HumanCo Acquisition Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A

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HumanCo Acquisition Corp Announces Liquidation

Published: 11/21/2022 22:16 GMT
HumanCo Acquisition Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A (HMCO) - Humanco Acquisition Corp.
Announces Liquidation.
Humanco - As of Close of Business on Dec 1, 2022, Public Shares Will Be Deemed Cancelled & Will Represent Only Right to Receive Redemption Amount.
Humanco Acquisition Corp - Redemption of Public Shares is Expected to Be Completed Within Ten Business Days After December 1, 2022.
Humanco Acquisition - There Will Be No Redemption Rights Or Liquidating Distributions With Respect to Company's Warrants, Which Will Expire Worthless.
Humanco Acquisition Corp - Per-share Redemption Price of About $10.08.