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Hookipa Advances HB-200 Program To Phase 2 And Prioritizes Oncology Portfolio Based On Clinical Data Updates

Published: 11/09/2021 21:52 GMT
Hookipa Pharma Inc (HOOK) - Hookipa Advances Hb-200 Program to Phase 2 and Prioritizes Oncology Portfolio Based on Clinical Data Updates Across Its Novel Arenaviral Platform.
Hookipa Pharma Inc - Interim Phase 1 Hb-200 Data Continue to Show High Levels of Tumor-specific Cd8+ T Cells.
Hookipa Pharma Inc - Interim Phase 2 Hb-101 Data Show Consistent Immunogenicity, Tolerability, and Reduction in Cmv Viremia in Kidney Transplant Patients.
Hookipa Pharma Inc - Pursuing Partnership Opportunities for Continued Development of Hb-101.
Hookipa Pharma Inc - Initiates Phase 2 Study to Assess Hb-201 in Combination With Pembrolizumab in 1st and 2nd Line Head and Neck Cancer.