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Hertz Confirms Receipt Of Revised Reorganization Proposal For Its Chapter 11 Exit

Published: 05/04/2021 12:32 GMT
(HTZGQ) - Hertz Confirms Receipt of Revised Reorganization Proposal for Its Chapter 11 Exit.
Hertz Global Holdings - Revised Proposal Contemplates Funding Plan of Reorganization Through Direct Common Stock Investments Aggregating $2.9 Billion.
Hertz Global - Revised Proposal Contemplates Funding Plan Through Direct Preferred Stock Investments of $1.5 Billion, Rights Offering to Raise $1.36 Billion.
Hertz Global - Revised Proposal Includes Amended Plan of Reorganization That Contemplates Payment in Full of All Secured and Unsecured Funded Debt.
Hertz Global Holdings Inc - Revised Proposal Provides Holders of Common Stock With $0.50 per Share in Cash.
Hertz Global - Proposal Provides Common Stock Holders Either 10-year Warrants Or Possibility of Subscribing for Common Shares in Rights Offering.
Hertz Global Holdings Inc - Board of Directors Has Not Yet Made Any Determination Regarding Revised Proposal.
Hertz Global - Received Revised Proposal From Affiliates of Knighthead Capital Management Llc, Certares Opportunities Llc, Apollo Capital Management.