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Hertz Exits Chapter 11

Published: 06/30/2021 20:24 GMT
(HTZGQ) - Hertz Exits Chapter 11 As a Much Stronger Company.
Hertz Global - Over $5.9 Billion of New Equity Capital Being Provided by Knighthead Capital Management, Certares Opportunities.
Hertz Global - Eliminated Nearly $5.0 Billion of Debt, Including All of Hertz Europe's Corporate Debt.
Hertz Global - Has Emerged With New $2.8 Billion Exit Credit Facility and $7.0 Billion Asset-backed Vehicle Financing Facility.
Hertz - Following Restructuring, Co's Creditors Will Receive Payment in Cash in Full & Existing Shareholders Will Receive More Than $1 Billion of Value.
Hertz - Shares of Co Common Stock Will Continue to Be Publicly Traded on Over--counter Market, Until Co Relists on a National Securities Exchange.
Hertz Global Holdings Inc - New Ticker Symbols Effective July 1 Will Be Htzz for Hertz Common Stock and Htzzw for Warrants.