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Huntsman Updates Q3 Outlook

Published: 09/16/2022 11:13 GMT
Huntsman Corp (HUN) - Huntsman Updates Third Quarter 2022 Outlook.
Huntsman Corp - Co Expects Q3 Adjusted EBITDA From Continuing Operations to Be Between $260 Million and $280 Million.
Huntsman Corp - Evaluating Further Cost Reduction and Optimization Opportunities.
Huntsman Corp - Actively Moving Product Into Europe From Our Facilities in United States and Asia.
Huntsman - on Track to Exceed Previously Announced Cost Optimization & Synergy Program, Expect to Deliver Annualized Run Rate of About $170 Million by Year-end.
Huntsman Corp - Economy in China Continues to Lag Expectations Due to Continued Covid-related Lockdowns.
Huntsman Corp - While United States Remains Our Most Resilient Market, Demand in Residential Housing Has Slowed.