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Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Announces Q1 2021 Results

Published: 05/04/2021 21:20 GMT
Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A (HY) - Hyster-yale Materials Handling Announces First Quarter 2021 Results.
Q1 Earnings per Share $0.33.
Q1 Revenue $732.2 Million.
Hyster-yale Materials Handling - Due to Supply Chain and Logistics Constraints, Has Not Achieved Even Production Levels Originally Planned for 2021 Q1.
Hyster-yale Materials Handling - Production Headwinds Expected to Continue to Present Significant Challenges for Production in Q2, Q3 of 2021.
Significant Material Cost Inflation and Higher Freight Costs Are Also Expected to Continue Into Q2, Q3.company Expects to Experience Margin Pressure Throughout 2021.
Hyster-yale Materials Handling - Expects Operating Profit and Net Income in Q2 to Be Significantly Higher Than Q2 2020 and First-quarter 2021 Results.
Expects to Increase Its Investment in Working Capital and Other Expenditures to Support Growth in Its Business.