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Ibio Expands Immuno-Oncology Pipeline In AI Partnership With Rubryc Therapeutics

Published: 08/25/2021 13:43 GMT
iBio Inc (IBIO) - Ibio Expands Immuno-oncology Pipeline in Ai Partnership With Rubryc Therapeutics.
Ibio Inc - Secures Option to License Additional Antibodies Developed With Rubryc's Predictive Algorithms.
Ibio Inc - Ibio Licenses a Novel Antibody Targeting Regulatory T Cells.
Ibio Inc - Acquires an Equity Stake in Rubryc.
Ibio Inc - As Part of Agreements, Co Made Upfront $5.0 Million Payment to Rubryc, With Additional $2.5 Million Commitment for Dec 2021.
Ibio - Rubryc is Eligible to Receive Pre-specified Payments Upon Achievement of Milestones for Ibio-101.
Ibio - Rubryc is Eligible to Receive Royalties on Net Sales of That Molecule, Other Licensed Antibodies.