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IBM Says On June 22, IBM Entered Into A New $2.5 Billion Three-Year Credit Agreement

Published: 06/25/2021 20:40 GMT
International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) - Ibm - on June 22, 2021, International Business Machines Corporation Entered Into a New $2.5 Billion Three-year Credit Agreement.
Ibm - New Three-year Credit Agreement Replaces Ibm’s Existing Amended and Restated Three-year Credit Agreement, Dated As of July 19, 2018.
Ibm -also Entered Into a New $7.5 Billion Five-year Credit Agreement.
Ibm - New Credit Agreements Permit Ibm and Its Subsidiary Borrowers (if Any) to Borrow Up to an Aggregate of $10.0 Billion on a Revolving Basis.
Ibm - New 3-year Credit Agreement Expires, Unless Extended, on Jun 21, 2024, & Existing 3-year Credit Agreement Was Scheduled to Expire on Jul 20, 2023.