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Interdigital Filed An Anti- Anti- Suit Injunction Application Against Xiaomi Corp

Published: 09/29/2020 20:51 GMT
Interdigital Inc (IDCC) - Interdigital Inc - Filed an Anti- Anti- Suit Injunction Application Against Xiaomi Corporation As Part of Delhi High Court Case.
Interdigital - Anti- Anti- Suit Injunction Application Seeks to Enjoin Xiaomi From Trying to Prevent Co From Pursuing Patent Infringement Case in India.
Interdigital Inc - Was Informed on Sept 25 That Wuhan Court Held an Ex Parte Hearing on Complaint by Xiaomi, Affiliates on Or About Sept 23.
Interdigital - Was Informed That Wuhan Court Issued an Order That Purports to Enjoin Co From Seeking an Injunction Against Xiaomi in Delhi High Court.
Interdigital Inc - Wuhan Court Has Ordered a Fine of Up to One Million Yuan per Day If Co Were to Violate Order.
Interdigital Inc - Does Not Believe Order Affects Co's Litigation Against Xiaomi Corporation in Delhi High Court Covering Co's Patents.
Interdigital Inc - Has Not Yet Been Properly Served With Xiaomi's Complaint Or Wuhan Court Order and Intends to Dispute Decision.