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IDEAYA Reports Clinical Data From Phase 2 Expansion Dose Of Darovasertib And Crizotinib Synthetic Lethal Combination In Heavily Pre-Treated Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

Published: 12/07/2021 12:29 GMT
Ideaya Biosciences Inc (IDYA) - Ideaya Reports Clinical Data From Phase 2 Expansion Dose of Darovasertib and Crizotinib Synthetic Lethal Combination in Heavily Pre-treated Metastatic Uveal Melanoma.
Ideaya Biosciences Inc - 100% Disease Control Rate (dcr): 16 of 16 Evaluable Patients Demonstrate Tumor Shrinkage.
Ideaya Biosciences Inc - 31% Overall Response Rate (orr): 4 of 13 Patients With > 2 Post-baseline Scans Had a Confirmed Partial Response.
Ideaya Biosciences Inc - 46% of Patients (6 of 13) With > 2 Post-baseline Scans Observed >30% Tumor Shrinkage.
Ideaya Biosciences Inc - Manageable Side Effect Profile Observed With Darovasertib and Crizotinib Combination at Phase 2 Expansion Dose.
Ideaya Biosciences Inc - Darovasertib and Crizotinib Expansion Dose Selected for Potential Registrational Studies.
Ideaya Biosciences Inc - Low Rate of Drug-related Serious Adverse Events Observed; Predominantly Grade 1 Or 2 Drug-related Adverse Events.
Ideaya Biosciences Inc - 18 Patients Experienced a Drug-related Ae, of Which 6 Patients Observed Grade 3, and No Patients Observed Grade 4 Or Grade 5.