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Ii-Vi Inc Confirms Revised Proposal To Acquire Coherent

Published: 03/18/2021 12:47 GMT
Ii-Vi Inc. (IIVI) - Ii-vi Incorporated Confirms Revised Proposal to Acquire Coherent.
Ii-vi Inc - Ii-vi's Revised Proposal Includes $5.4 Billion of Fully Committed Debt Financing From Jp Morgan Securities Llc.
Ii-vi Inc - Ii-vi's Revised Proposal Includes $1.5 Billion Equity Investment From Bain Capital.
Ii-vi Inc - Under Revised Proposal, Coherent's Shareholders Would Receive $220.00 in Cash, 0.91 of a Share of Ii-vi Common Stock for Each Coherent Share.
Ii-vi Inc - Bain Expressed Interest in Making Additional Equity Investment of Up to $650 Million on Same Terms to Reduce Leverage.
Ii-vi Inc - Conversion Price of Bain's Entire Equity Investment is $85.00 per Share.
Ii-vi Inc - Under Terms of Revised Ii-vi Proposal, Total per Share Value is $287.18.