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Ihs Markit Forecasts New Light Vehicle Sales Of 83.4 Million In 2021

Published: 12/17/2020 16:10 GMT
(INFO) - Ihs Markit Ltd - Forecasts New Light Vehicle Sales of 83.4 Million Globally in 2021, Up 9% From a 2020 Projection.
Ihs Markit - New Light Vehicle Sales Forecast Assumes That Effective Vaccines Will Be Widely Available by Mid-2021.
Ihs Markit - Full Year 2020 Sales Are Expected to Be Down 15% From the Levels Achieved in 2019.
Ihs Markit - Global 2021 Auto Recovery Prospects Depend on the Path of the Pandemic, Especially Whether Governments Can Deliver on Vaccine Programs.
Ihs Markit - European Car Consumers Are Firmly in Full “wait-and-see” Mode to See How Covid-19, Evs and Brexit Pan Out.
Ihs Markit - Total Western & Central European Automotive Sales Estimates for 2020 Are Set at 13.7 Million Units, Down 24.2%.
Ihs Markit - Looking at 2021, U.S. Sales Volumes Are Expected to Reach 16 Million Units, Up an Estimated 10% From the Projected 2020 Level.
Ihs Markit - in 2021, Ihs Markit Expects the Market in China to Recover Further to 24.9 Million Units.
Ihs Markit - for 2021, Ihs Markit Forecasts a Rebound in Light Vehicle Production of 14 Percent, to 84.3 Million Units, Based on Current Analysis.
Ihs Markit - a ‘no-deal’ Brexit Outcome Would Dramatically Disrupt Light Vehicle Sales & Production Levels.
Ihs Markit - Current Forecasts Predict Battery Electric Vehicle Share of Nearly 14.6%, Representing Nearly 3.2 Million Passenger Vehicles in China by 2025.