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Inmune Bio, Inc. To Provide Additional Manufacturing Information To FDA As Part Of Ind Application For Xpro1595™ In Alzheimer’S Disease

Published: 05/23/2022 20:20 GMT
INmune Bio Inc (INMB) - Inmune Bio, Inc. to Provide Additional Manufacturing Information to FDA As Part of Ind Application for Xpro1595™ in Alzheimer’s Disease.
Inmune Bio - on May 20, Co Was Informed Via E-mail From FDA Requesting Additional Information Around Cmc of Newly Manufactured Xpro1595.
Inmune Bio - Agency Placed Ind Application to Initiate Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Xpro in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease in U.S. on Clinical Hold.
Inmune Bio Inc - FDA Indicated They Will Provide an Official Clinical Hold Letter to Inmune in Approximately 30 Days.
Inmune Bio Inc - Plans to Provide Additional Updates Pending Discussion With FDA.
Inmune Bio Inc - Phase 2 Trial of Xpro™ Remains Open in Australia and Continues to Enroll Patients.