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Inovio Receives Authorization To Conduct Phase 3 Efficacy Trial Of COVID-19 DNA Vaccine Candidate

Published: 08/26/2021 14:13 GMT
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (INO) - Inovio Receives Authorization to Conduct Phase 3 Efficacy Trial of Its Covid-19 Dna Vaccine Candidate, Ino-4800.
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc - Inovio's Global Phase 3 Efficacy Trial Receives Authorization to Proceed From Brazil; Other Countries to Follow.
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc - Inovio to Conduct Innovate Phase 3 Efficacy Trial With Partner Advaccine in Areas of World in Need of Covid-19 Vaccines.
Inovio Pharmaceuticals - Received Authorization From Brazil's Anvisa to Conduct Phase 3 Efficacy Trial of Covid-19 Dna Vaccine Candidate Ino-4800.
Inovio - Global Phase 3 Segment of Phase 2/3 Clinical Trial to Evaluate Efficacy of Ino-4800 in Two-dose Regimen Administered One Month Apart.