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Intel Ceo Pat Gelsinger Announces ‘Idm 2.0’ Strategy

Published: 03/23/2021 22:04 GMT
Intel Corp. (INTC) - Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Announces ‘idm 2.0’ Strategy.
Intel - Announcing Intel Foundry Services With Plans to Become a Major Provider of Foundry Capacity in U.S., Europe to Serve Customers Globally.
Intel - Re-affirmed Company’s Expectation to Continue Manufacturing Majority of Its Products Internally.
Intel - Intel 7 Nanometer Process Development Progressing Well With Tape in of 7nm Compute Tile for “meteor Lake” Expected in Q2.
Intel - Announcing Manufacturing Expansion Plans, Starting With Estimated $20 Billion Investment to Build Two New Factories in Arizona.
Intel - Expects Engagement With Third-party Foundries to Include Manufacturing for a Range of Modular Tiles on Advanced Process Technologies.
Intel - Expect Engagement With Third-party Foundries to Include Products at Core of Computing Offerings for Client, Data Center Segments Starting 2023.
Intel - Intel Foundry Services' Ip Portfolio for Customers to Include X86 Cores As Well As Arm and Risc-v Ecosystem Ips.
Intel - Expects to Accelerate Capital Investments Beyond Arizona.
Intel - Plans to Announce Next Phase of Capacity Expansions in U.S., Europe & Other Global Locations Within the Year.
Intel - Intel Innovation Event Planned for October in San Francisco.
Intel - Announcing Plans for New Research Collaboration With Ibm Focused on Logic and Packaging Technologies.