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Intelsat Achieves Confirmation Of Plan Of Reorganization, Final Court Milestone In Financial Restructuring Process

Published: 12/16/2021 18:41 GMT
(INTEQ) - Intelsat Achieves Confirmation of Plan of Reorganization, Final Court Milestone in Financial Restructuring Process.
Intelsat Sa - Fully Consensual Plan Will Reduce Debt by More Than Half and Position Company for Long-term Success.
Intelsat Sa - Commitments Obtained for Nearly $8 Billion in Exit Financing.
Intelsat Sa - Confirmed Plan Will Reduce Intelsat's Debt by More Than Half - From Approximately $16 Billion to $7 Billion.
Intelsat Sa - Under Terms of Plan and With Exit Financing Commitments Already Obtained, Intelsat is Set to Emerge As a Private Company.