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Investar Holding Expects To Recognize Material Impairment Charge For Quarter Ended Sept 30, 2021

Published: 10/14/2021 22:39 GMT
Investar Holding Corp (ISTR) - Investar Holding Corp - Management of Co & Its Unit Determined That Co Expects to Recognize Material Impairment Charge for Quarter Ended Sept 30, 2021.
Investar Holding Corp - Will Recognize Impairment Charge of $21.6 Million As Provision to Its Allowance for Loan Losses for Quarter Ended Sept 30, 2021.
Investar Holding Corp - is Not Aware of Additional Material Impairments Related to Hurricane Ida.
Investar Holding Corp - Cannot Give Any Assurances That Additional Impairment Charges Will Not Result From Storm's Impact to Our Market Areas.
Investar Holding- at This Time, Unable to Quantify Amount of Potential Recoveries in Excess of What is Reflected in Current Impairment Charge Estimate.
Investar Holding Corp - As Result of Hurricane Ida, Borrower’s Business Operations Were Disrupted.