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JetBlue Submits Improved Superior Proposal To Acquire Spirit

Published: 06/06/2022 11:18 GMT
Jetblue Airways Corp (JBLU) - Jetblue Submits Improved Superior Proposal to Acquire Spirit.
Jetblue Airways Corp- Issues Letter to Spirit Board.
Jetblue Airways - Improved Proposal Offers Spirit's Stockholders Superior Value, Greater Certainty, Prepayment of $1.50 per Share of Cash Consideration.
Jetblue Airways - Jetblue's Proposal Offers Spirit Stockholders Aggregate Consideration of $31.50 per Share in Cash.
Jetblue Airways -would Provide $350 Million ($3.20 per Spirit Share) Reverse Break-up Fee, Payable to Spirit If Deal Not Consummated for Antitrust Reasons.
Jetblue - Would Prepay $1.50/share in Cash of Reverse Break-up Fee, As Cash Dividend to Spirit Stockholders After Stockholder Vote Approving Deal Between Spirit, Co.
Revenue is expected to be $2.43 Billion
Adjusted EPS is expected to be -$0.12

Next Quarter Revenue Guidance is expected to be $2.47 Billion
Next Quarter EPS Guidance is expected to be $0.12

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