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Sanofi Q1 Net Income Down At EUR 1.58 Bln

Published: 04/28/2021 05:51 GMT
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) - Q1 Net Sales EUR 8.59 Billion Versus.
EUR 8.97 Billion Year Ago.
Q1 Operating Income EUR 2.06 Billion Versus.
EUR 2.05 Billion Year Ago.
Q1 Net Income EUR 1.58 Billion Versus.
EUR 1.70 Billion Year Ago.
End-q1 Free Cash Flow EUR 1.93 Billion Versus.
EUR 1.56 Billion Year Ago.
Outlook 2021: Applying Average April 2021 Exchange Rates, Currency Impact on 2021 Business EPS is Estimated to Be Between 4% to 5%.
Full Year 2021 Business EPS Guidance Affirmed.
Q1 Business EPS Was EUR 1.61, Up 5.2% on a Reported Basis and Up 15.0% at Cer.
Results for Phase 2 Study for Recombinant Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Are Expected Next Month.
Trials Results and Start of Global Phase 3 Study for Adjuvanted Recombinant Protein Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate (sp0253) Are Expected in Q2 2021.
Interim Results for Mrt5500 (sp0254), an Mrna Vaccine Candidate Against Sars-cov-2, Are Expected in Q3 2021.
To Support Manufacturing, Supply of Biontech’s Mrna Covid-19 Vaccine, Co Developed With Pfizer, Providing Fill, Finish for Over 125 Million Doses; Initial Supplies to Originate From Sanofi’s Production Facilities in Frankfurt From Summer 2021.
To Support Manufacturing of Janssen´s Covid-19 Vaccine and Through Its Vaccine Manufacturing Plant in Marcy L’etoile, Formulate, Fill Vials at Rate of About 12 Million Doses per Month.