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Jiuzi Holdings Enters into Strategic Cooperation with Shuke

Published: 06/22/2022 12:18 GMT
Jiuzi Holdings Inc (JZXN) - Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. Enters Into Strategic Cooperation With Leading Chinese Car Dealer, Shuke.
Jiuzi Holdings Inc - Cooperation Will Be Operated by Newly Established Subsidiary Hangzhou Jiuyao New Energy Automobile Technology Co. Ltd.
Jiuzi Holdings Inc - Jiuyao Granted Non-exclusive Right to Engage in Sales of Shuke Ev Cars, Shuke's Car-hailing Business, and Financial Products.
Jiuzi Holdings Inc - Jiuyao Plans to Purchase 200 Standard and Customized Models of Shuke Evs Between 2022 and 2023.
Jiuzi Holdings Inc - Shuke is Prepared to Provide About a Financial Credit Line of Up to 100 Million Yuan to Jiuyao Based on Jiuyao's Financing Needs.
Jiuzi Holdings - Jiuyao Will Be Able to Sell Shuke's Evs Directly to End Users on Car-hailing Platforms Such As T3 Mobility, Didi Chuxing, Others.