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Ansell Says Decision Made To Exit Russian Operations

Published: 08/22/2022 23:27 GMT
Kimberly-Clark Corp. (KMB) - Decision Made to Exit Our Russian Operations.
Final Dividend of Us31.20 Cents.
FY Sales $1,952.1 Million Versus $2,026.9 Million.
Ansell Considers Lawsuit Issued in U.S. Against Ansell and Kimberly-clark "without Merit" and Intends to Defend.
FY Ebit $228.1 Million Versus $338.0 Million.
Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Caused Co to Reconsider Viability of Business in Russia.
Exit From Russia Will Mean That $9m Ebit in FY22 Will Not Reoccur in FY23.
Sees FY23 Effective Tax Rate Targeted to Be in Range of 21.5%-23.5%.
Interest Costs Expected to Increase to $22-23m for FY23.
Made Ultimate Decision Being to Exit Commercial and Manufacturing Operations in Russia.
FY23 EPS Expected to Be in Range of Us115 Cents - Us135 Cents.
Will Maintain a Cautious Stance on Headcount.
External Environment Remains Supportive for Continued Demand for Our Products and is Expected to Drive Volume Growth for All Our Sbus.
Exam/su Price Normalisation is Anticipated to Result in Overall Sales Decline in FY23.
Brightway Products Have Never Represented "more Than a Very Small Percentage" of Ansell's Total Purchases From Third Parties.