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Karuna Therapeutics Announces Results From Phase 1B Trial Evaluating The Safety And Tolerability Of Karxt In Healthy Elderly Volunteers

Published: 06/23/2021 10:41 GMT
Karuna Therapeutics Inc (KRTX) - Karuna Therapeutics Announces Results From Phase 1b Trial Evaluating the Safety and Tolerability of Karxt in Healthy Elderly Volunteers.
Karuna Therapeutics - Company to Initiate a Phase 2 Trial Evaluating Karxt in Dementia-related Psychosis in First Half of 2022.
Karuna Therapeutics - Majority of Healthy Elderly Volunteers in Phase 1b Trial Were Titrated to Xanomeline Doses of 150 to 200 Mg When Dosed With Karxt.
Karuna Therapeutics - Safety and Tolerability Profile in Phase 1b Trial in Healthy Elderly Volunteers Consistent With Prior Trials of Karxt.
Karuna Therapeutics - Treatment-related Adverse Events Similar to Those Seen in Prior Trials of Karxt & Majority (>80%) Were Rated Mild in Severity.
Karuna Therapeutics Inc - One Serious Ae of Urinary Retention Was Reported in Cohort 1.
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