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Ligand Pharmaceuticals Says On Sept 21, Co's Unit Cydex Pharmaceuticals, Entered Into An Amendment To Supply Agreement With Gilead Sciences

Published: 09/23/2020 13:15 GMT
Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Ordinary Shares - Class B (LGND) - Ligand Pharmaceuticals - on Sept 21, Co's Unit, Cydex Pharmaceuticals, Entered Into an Amendment to Supply Agreement With Gilead Sciences.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc - Pursuant to Supply Agreement, Co Will Supply Captisol to Gilead for a Specified Price, Subject to Certain Adjustments.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals - Under Amendment, Gilead Will Provide Rolling 12-month Forecasts of Its Captisol Needs.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals - Agreed to Supply Up to 150% of Forecasted Amount of Captisol.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals - Term of Supply Agreement is Ten Years From Date of Amendment.