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Sera Prognostics Inc Files For IPO Of Up To $75 Mln Of Class A Common Stock

Published: 06/11/2021 20:56 GMT
Laboratory Corp. Of America Holdings (LH) - Sera Prognostics Inc Files for Ipo of Up to $75 Million of Class A Common Stock – Sec Filing.
Sera Prognostics Inc Says It Intends to Apply to Have Its Class A Common Stock Listed on Nasdaq Global Market Under the Symbol "sera".
Sera Prognostics Inc Says Citigroup, Cowen and William Blair Are Underwriters to Ipo.
Sera Prognostics Inc Says Laboratory Corp of America Holdings Beneficially Owned 6.4% of Class A Comomn Stock Prior to Offering.
Sera Prognostics Inc Says Proposed Ipo Price is an Estimate Solely for Calculating Sec Registration Fee.