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América Móvil, Liberty Latin America To Combine Their Chilean Operations

Published: 09/29/2021 13:40 GMT
Liberty Latin America Ltd - Ordinary Shares - Class A (LILA) - AmÉrica MÓvil and Liberty Latin America to Combine Their Chilean Operations.
Liberty Latin America Ltd - Agreement to Combine Their Respective Chilean Operations, Vtr and Claro Chile, to Form a 50:50 Joint Venture.
Liberty Latin America - Each of Lla, Amx Made Commitment to Contribute Businesses With Net Debt of Clp 1,095 Billion ($1.5 Billion) and Clp 259 Billion ($0.4 Billion), Respectively.
Liberty Latin America Ltd - in Addition, Lla Will Make a Balancing Payment to Amx of Clp 73 Billion ($0.1 Billion).
Liberty Latin America Ltd - Neither Lla Nor Amx Will Consolidate Jv After Closing.
Liberty Latin America Ltd - Formation of Jv Will Not Result in a Change of Control Event for Existing Debtholders of Vtr.
Liberty Latin America Ltd - Transaction Excludes All Telecommunication Towers Owned Indirectly by Amx in Chile.
Liberty Latin America- Expect Jv Will Generate Significant Operating Benefits,associated Value Creation With Estimated Run-rate Synergies of Over $180 Million.
Liberty Latin America Ltd - by 2025, Jv Anticipates Passing 6 Million Homes Through Its Fixed Network and Majority Will Have Access to Ftth Infrastructure.