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Linde And Daimler Truck To Collaborate On Hydrogen Refueling Technology

Published: 12/10/2020 09:25 GMT
Linde Plc (LIN) - Linde and Daimler Truck to Collaborate on Hydrogen Refueling Technology.
Together, Companies Will Develop Fueling Technology Based on Subcooled Liquid Hydrogen (slh2), Which Allows for Higher On-board Capacity, Greater Range, Faster Refueling and Superior Energy Efficiency.companies Plan for First Refueling of a Prototype Vehicle at a Pilot Station to Take Place in Germany in 2023.
New Fueling Process Will Be Implemented in Series Version of Mercedes-benz Genh2 Truck, Which Was Unveiled in September 2020 As a Concept Vehicle, and Will Have a Range of More Than 1,000 Kilometers.