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Linde: We Are Seeing A Whole New Set Of Projects That Merge Around Liquid Hydrogen - CEO - Conf Call

Published: 07/28/2022 14:18 GMT
Linde Plc (LIN) - Linde Plc - We Are Very Confident on Both the Quality of Customers We Serve .
and Those Fixed Fees That We Have Within the Contract That Protect US - CEO - Conf Call.
Linde Plc - Because We Produce Gases Which Are Critical Either From Medical Or a Process Safety Perspective, the German Government .
Allocates US on a Preferential Or Priority Basis - CEO - Conf Call.
Linde Plc - Americas Q2 Onetime Charges Were Even Greater Than $31 Million .
I Have Absolutely No Concerns Over the American Margin Profile, and We Fully Expect This Will Bounce Back Here in Q3 Back to the Normal Run Rates - CFO - Conf Call.
Linde Plc - by End June, We Were Back at Pre-lockdown Levels As Far As Merchant Volumes Are Concerned in China - CEO - Conf Call.
Linde Plc - If I Am Thinking About Any Volatilit in Chinay, My View Would Be That the Steel Industry is the One Area That I'm Watching Closely - CEO - Conf Call.
Linde Plc - My Expectation is Over the Course of the Second Half .
You'll See Normal Merchant Volume Growth Levels Achieved Back in China - CEO - Conf Call.
Linde Plc - by No Means Are We Ever Going to Be Capital-constrained on Growth.
We're Going to Go Into Every Growth Opportunity - CFO - Conf Call.
Linde Plc - As Natural Gas Pricing Moves Up, Our Customers Are Looking at Ways to Both Reduce Cost But Also Substitute.
and That's Where Our Applications Come Into Play - CEO - Conf Call.