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Lilly Plans To Invest $2.1 Billion In New Manufacturing Sites In Indiana

Published: 05/25/2022 17:25 GMT
Lilly(Eli) & Co (LLY) - Lilly Plans to Invest $2.1 Billion in New Manufacturing Sites in Indiana.
Eli Lilly - New Facilities Will Expand Lilly's Manufacturing Network for Active Ingredients and New Therapeutic Modalities.
Eli Lilly - an Estimated 1,500 Construction Jobs Will Be Required While Facilities Are Being Built.
Eli Lilly- Proposed Project Expected to Create Up to 500 New Lilly Roles With Additional 4 Indirect Jobs for Every Lilly Position Created.
Eli Lilly - Investment in Boone County is Contingent Upon Local Zoning and Annexation Approvals.