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Luby's, Inc. Board Of Directors Adopts Plan Of Liquidation And Dissolution

Published: 09/08/2020 12:20 GMT
Luby`s, Inc. (LUB) - Luby's, Inc. Board of Directors Adopts Plan of Liquidation and Dissolution.
Luby's Inc - Required Stockholder Approval of Plan of Liquidation and Dissolution to Be Sought.
Luby's Inc - Plan of Liquidation Outlines an Orderly Sale of Company's Businesses, Operations.
Luby's Inc - Will Also Provide an Opportunity at Special Meeting for Its Stockholders to Vote on Maintaining Or Revoking Rights Agreement.
Luby's Inc - Currently Estimates It Could Make Aggregate Liquidating Distributions to Stockholders of Between Approximately $92 Million and $123 Million.